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The growing popularity of induction cooking has made people realise the many advantages of induction over conventional cooking technologies. Induction cooktops use magnetic hysteresis loss to directly heat the pot or pan.

It is an appropriate product for your kitchen in today's era. Many companies offer induction hobs at an affordable price. You can also check out HomeKit Australia products to buy good quality induction cooktops.

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However, before buying an induction hob, there are several things to consider. These issues are explained in this installment of the Induction Cooker Explained series.

Compatible cookware considerations

Induction stoves work only with cookware made from ferrous materials. Anyone with a significant investment in non-magnetic aluminum, glass, ceramic, or stainless steel cookware should be aware that these types of cookware will not work on an induction cooktop and should include the cost of purchasing new cookware. kitchen when evaluating the cost of induction. stove.

However, many of the more popular cookware used in conventional cooktops will work with induction cooktops, so many people will be able to use their existing cookware.

Also, standard induction elements work only with flat bottom pots and pans and are therefore not suitable for use with traditional round bottom woks.

Electrical Power Considerations

Ranges that are currently equipped with gas ranges may not have a suitable electrical circuit available for the induction range. As a general rule of thumb, a built-in induction hob with multiple burners will require a dedicated 220-volt, 40-amp circuit.

Most conventional electric stoves require such a circuit as well, so people upgrading to induction from conventional electric stoves are unlikely to have a problem, but anyone switching gas may need an electrician install a new electrical circuit for the stove.