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Google Ads:

With AdWords, you can reach your local community or global region around the world. This is Google's platform for placing ads aimed at business customers. In addition, you can measure your performance every day. In addition, you'll know where to add or remove certain information, including prices, availability, and more.

How does Google AdWords work?

The main idea behind Google AdWords is to reach customers, including text search ads, display ads, and video ads on YouTube or as a mobile advertising app. You can easily opt expert help from a trusted Google Ads Agency via Squid Group in NZ.

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Google Ads shows performance that gives your product a proven way to do business successfully. Text messages appear in Google Talk, you can show text ads or banners in Gmail: do your business directly on YouTube.

Why do you use Google Ads?

  • Achieve high return on investment:

One of the main benefits of using Google Ads is a higher return on investment. With this digital marketing strategy, you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. With an

optimized campaign in Google Ads, you achieve a high return on investment. You

need to continuously test and track your campaigns to find out what gives you the best results.

  • Provide transparent results:

Google Ads is the perfect platform because it provides instant, clear results and reports for your campaigns. You can see exactly what your ads are doing and analyze the progress of your campaigns as the dashboard provides you with detailed information such as clicks on ads, keywords entered by website visitors, and cost per click.This Google Ads feature makes it transparent.