What is podiatric sports medicine?

Sports takes on a huge role in society. It is both for enjoyment purposes and improving physical fitness and wellness. For youngsters it demonstrates teamwork and it has numerous life lessons regarding winning and loosing. Unfortunately, sports activities involvement has a variety of disadvantages. Cheating and drug abuse to enhance results sometimes happen. Sports injuries may well occur. Even for a straightforward sports activity such as running, about one half of runners could get an injury every year. The medical discipline of sports medicine has evolved to take care of sport injuries to keep athletes in sport rather than quitting on account of an injury. When more and more people may be kept in sport the more those people and society on the whole may experience the pros which sporting activities engagement would bring.

Each clinical speciality provides a sports medicine subspecialty because of the expertise that are needed to manage athletes. Podiatry has got the speciality termed podiatric sports medicine. Within this speciality podiatry practitioners are active in treating as well as prevention of sports injuries in a number of sports activities. They will use a variety of treatment techniques to manage a wide range of injuries. One of the original podiatry practitioners who were active in sports medicine and gave prominence to the discipline was Dr Steven Subotnick, DPM. Steve is referred to as the ‘running foot doctor’ as he released a book by the same name. Steven had been just lately interviewed on the Facebook live, PodChatLive around his experiences in the early days of podiatric sports medicine. PodChatLive is a regular livestream in which the hosts interview and chat with a unique guest in every episode. The video recording of each show is on YouTube and the audio edition is additionally on the usual podcast networks. Through the chat with Steven Subotnick they talked over his views on podiatric sports medicine and highlighted the history to where we are these days and just how we got there. Steve also offered up quite a few invaluable clinical gems based upon all his many years of practice.

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