Things to Do in Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey

Pittsgrove Township is a township located in Salem County, New Jersey, United States. It is home to 9,393 people, up slightly from the 1990 and 2000 censuses. This area offers a variety of things to do for the entire family.

Parvin State Park

Parvin State Park is located in southwestern New Jersey and is set around Parvin Lake. The park features pine, hardwood, and swamp forests. It also contains a natural spring and is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can also enjoy bird watching, fishing, and hunting.

The park’s history can be traced back to the Civilian Conservation Corps, which built the park’s trails, cabins, boat landings, and entry pavilion. The park also features an Iron Mike monument. The park was dedicated on September 12, 1931.

Parvin State Park offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, and camping. It also has a nature center where visitors can learn about local ecology and wildlife. The park is conveniently accessible from Route 55, making it easy to bring family members or friends to the park.

Parvin State Park was used by the Japanese during World War II. It was also used as a POW camp for German prisoners and as temporary housing for the Kalmyk people during the Cold War. The park is currently in need of some upgrades beyond regular maintenance. Plans include building a group cabin for $1 million and renovating the office/bathhouse complex for $900,000. Improvements to the park’s beach area and roads are estimated to cost about $850,000. In addition, the park plans to create a new interpretive center.

Parvin State Park in Pittsgrove Township is an ideal location for picnicking. There are playgrounds and picnic groves, and the lake is also a popular spot for swimming. During the summer months, lifeguards are on duty in the swimming area. Visitors should be sure to bring a life jacket and follow the rules of the park. There are also several hiking trails and a canoe rental company on the property.

Sports camps

There are sports camps in Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey for every ability level and interest. Whether you’re interested in soccer, baseball, basketball, softball, or tennis, you’ll find an activity that will cater to your child’s needs. These sports camps and sports classes are designed for children ages two to 18 years of age. Multi Sport Camps give children a chance to experience a variety of different sports, while Single Sports Camps focus on one sport only.

Campers can also participate in a police academy program, which lets them experience some aspects of police work. They’ll also learn how to play soccer, basketball, flag football, kickball, lacrosse, pilo polo, and more. Each day, they’ll engage in training sessions that teach them different skills in each sport.

Swimming beach

Residents and visitors to Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey, can take advantage of the swimming beach in Pittsgrove Park. The area is close to the Salem County Fairgrounds and south of South Jersey Hospital Mental. The township’s motto is “Old Values, New Ideas, Working Together For All.” Founded in 1769, the township is home to a diverse population of more than nine thousand people.

A spacious ranch style home sits on a 3.42-acre parcel in Pittsgrove Township. The main floor features maple cabinets and a kitchen peninsula with a sink beneath the window. A formal dining area opens to a large family room and the living room. The home offers two additional bedrooms, one on either side of the living room. It also features a full bathroom and laundry room. The yard has a tennis court and a deck for entertaining.

Several bodies of water near the township are popular for swimming. There are numerous lakes and reservoirs within easy driving distance. Many state parks have lifeguards on duty. In addition, the bodies of water are ideal for fishing sessions and family day trips. In addition, all New Jersey state parks prohibit alcohol use in swimming areas.


Pitt Township was formed in 1769 by a formal grant and Royal charter. In 1798, it was incorporated as a township. The township was named for William Pitt, the 1st Earl of Chatham, who served as the Prime Minister of Great Britain during the Seven Years’ War.

The township is located in eastern Salem County, New Jersey. The population was 9,339 at the 2010 census, up more than five percent from 2000 and nine percent from 1990. The community’s borders include the towns of Daretown, Alliance, Centerton, and Greenville.

Elmer is a historic town that lies along the dividing line between Pittsgrove Township and Upper Pittsgrove Township. Elmer was incorporated as a borough in 1893. It was named for revered state-wide jurist Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Elmer, who presided over the infamous Treadway murder case and published the first New Jersey state statutes. In addition, he was responsible for securing a post office in the town.

School district

Pittsgrove Township is a township in Salem County, New Jersey. It has a population of 9,393 as of the 2010 census. That is an increase of 500 people from the 1990 and 2000 censuses. This community is home to a number of businesses and attractions, including restaurants, museums, and art galleries.

The township is located near Trenton. It has an affordable cost of living, a diverse population, and good job opportunities. Its community has an overall low crime rate and has a good school system. It is also home to many recreational facilities and art and culture events.

Pittsgrove Township is governed by the Township form of New Jersey municipal government, which is the second most popular type in the state. It has five elected members, which serve three-year terms. The Township Committee also selects the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.