Things to Do in Parker, Arizona

Parker is the county seat of La Paz County, Arizona. It is located along the Colorado River in Parker Valley. The city has a population of 3,083 as of the 2010 census. Visitors can find a variety of things to do in Parker.

Watersports rentals

Watersports rentals in Parker Arizona are an excellent way to have a great time on the Colorado River. If you are looking for a company that will service the different launch points on the river, consider a company that provides jet ski service. Parker is the county seat of La Paz County and located in the Parker Valley.

One of the best places to find a boat rental is the Parker Boat Rentals center. The center is located on the Parker Strip and offers a wide variety of boat rental options including jet ski rentals and pontoon boats. They also provide instructions on how to operate the boat. Watersports rentals in Parker Arizona are an excellent way to have a great time during your vacation.

Golf course

If you’re a fan of golf, you may want to consider visiting the Emerald Canyon Golf Course in Parker, Arizona. This 18-hole course, designed by William Phillips, measures 6437 yards from the longest tees. It features lush vegetation, sculpted bunkers, and manicured fairways. If you haven’t played this course before, you’ll want to plan a visit and make sure you have accurate directions.

If golfing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other activities in Parker to keep you entertained. You can enjoy activities like canoeing, fishing, and swimming. You can also enjoy sightseeing and bird watching at the Ahakhav Tribal Preserve. You’ll have a chance to learn about endangered plants and animals of the Lower Colorado River Basin. The park also features a 4.6-mile fitness trail and picnic tables.

When the Emerald Canyon Golf Course first opened in 1989, it featured just nine holes. The course is located in Parker, Arizona, a town of just 3,000 people. It’s located near the Colorado River, which separates Arizona and California. The area is home to many part-time residents from California and other states. Other attractions in Parker include the Roadrunner Floating Dock Bar, Sundance RV Resort, Outlaw Saloon, and the Emerald Canyon Golf Course.

The Parker Dam, which was built between 1934 and 1938, is a historic landmark. The dam provides water and power to the Lower Colorado River Basin, 155 miles downstream of the Hoover Dam. The reservoir it creates is 45 miles long and holds 211 billion gallons of water. If you’re staying in Parker, you might want to make a visit to the Swansea Ghost Town, which was home to a thriving mining community.

Historic sites

Parker is the county seat of La Paz County, Arizona, United States. It is located in the Parker Valley, along the Colorado River. The population of Parker is approximately 3,083 as of the 2010 census. The city is home to many historic sites, including the Parker Opera House, Parker Museum, and Parker Indian Village.

Parker was laid out by William Shrover in 1908. It was located on a Colorado River Indian reservation and was named for General Eli Parker, who served as commissioner of Indian affairs. In 1905, the town’s post office was moved to the railroad. Parker is considered an arid-climate town. Summers are hot and winters are mild.

The town has two state parks located on the Colorado River. The town hosts several events that attract visitors from across the country. For example, there is the annual ADR Another Dam Race, where paddleboards, kayaks, and outriggers race in a 16-mile-long reservoir. It is also home to the Annual Parker Tube Float, which has been around for 43 years.

The Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum is a small but charming museum that has a diverse collection of authentic Native American art and crafts. The museum is fun to visit and offers shopping opportunities as well. In Parker, you can also experience an adventure by flying in hot air balloons. This will give you the chance to get high in the air, and you’ll have a blast in the process.

Parker is a small city in La Paz County. The city was incorporated in 1908. It was named after Ely Parker, the first Native American commissioner of the U.S. government. The city has several parks and a beautiful river that’s surrounded by mountains. Visitors can view many varieties of plants, cacti, and fish in the area.

Floating dock bar

Parker, Arizona is the perfect place to enjoy a sunset cocktail at a floating dock bar. This unique drinking establishment offers an outdoor setting with a view of the Colorado River. It also offers five restaurants and two indoor bars. It also includes an amphitheater that hosts live music events. The Parker area is known for its relaxing beach and river lifestyle, as well as its excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Roadrunner Floating Dock Bar and Restaurant is a Parker landmark that’s been open for decades and has become a riverside staple of river fun. However, its owners, Jeff and Stephanie McCormack, are looking to sell the restaurant. Rumors have spread that the Roadrunner may close its doors, but in fact the new owner is investing millions of dollars into the property.

Natural swimming hole

This Arizona swimming hole is a popular location with locals. Located next to a creek, the swimming hole is a great place to cool off in the summer. It has multiple splash points along its 2 miles-long trail, which makes it an excellent choice for families. The hiking trail begins at the parking lot and takes approximately 15 minutes, and continues to larger waterfalls as you continue further upstream.

When swimming in the summer, there is nothing quite like being outdoors in a natural body of water. This type of swimming hole is an ideal alternative to public pools. This type of swimming hole is not prone to the chlorine that is used in conventional swimming pools. You also won’t find crowds or manufactured attractions like wave machines or tube slides at this location.