Songs About Legs

Women’s rights organizations criticized the ZZ Top song, “Legs,” for objectifying women. The band had been releasing sexually-charged songs for years, but had never had a hit. Before “Legs,” the band had released a song called “Tush,” which was much less popular than “Legs.” The song’s video featured Billy Gibbons’ 1933 Ford Hot Rod, The Eliminator, and its main character was a girl.

Aerosmith’s “Lord of the Thighs”

“Lord of the Thighs,” by Aerosmith, is a favorite live song for fans. The song was written by singer Steven Tyler and released on the 1974 album Get Your Wings. The song is a great example of the band’s trademark lyricism. Drummer Joey Kramer has said that it’s his favorite Aerosmith live song. Tyler has admitted that the song’s title came about because of his own thighs. Since the song’s release, the song has become a staple in the band’s live sets.

Tom Jones’ “Hot Legs”

Hot Legs is a song that was made famous by Tina Turner and Tom Jones. The song is about a young woman with hot legs and her desire to make love. The song was originally written by Rod Stewart. Although the original version was never released on the charts and never recorded in the studio, Tina Turner performed it on her shows. She began including the song in her sets during cabaret shows during the late 70s.

This song is very popular and was the first single from the album Foot loose and fancy free. The song is about a woman who is much younger than Stewart. It also mentions the woman’s mother. The song was written by Stewart and guitarist Gary Grainger. It is an incredibly catchy tune that is sure to make you want to dance.

Major Lazer’s “Leg Over”

Major Lazer have taken a Nigerian afrobeat singer, Mr Eazi, and given him the remix treatment on “Leg Over”. The original track was released in February and was produced by E Kelly, but the remix by Major Lazer adds a more electronic vibe. The song features verses from French Montana and Ty Dolla $ign.

The album is sure to generate some attention. It also provides an opportunity for up-and-coming artists, like Joeboy, to be heard on the project. It may even open the minds of popular music listeners to world music. This is not a major surprise considering Major Lazer’s success and diverse musical taste.

The remix is just one of many features on the track. Pharrell has also featured on the song. Other notable features include Diplo, Walshy Fire, and Jillionaire. The song also features a patois vocal sample. The song is backed by some of the biggest names in hip hop.