Places to Visit in Tontitown, Arkansas

For people who want to explore the surrounding area, there are a few places worth visiting around Tontitown, AR. These places include Lake Village, an oxbow lake on the Mississippi River. You can also check out Sassafras Springs, a vineyard, and El Dorado, which was a boomtown for the oil industry.

Lake Village is named for the oxbow lake on the Mississippi River

Historically, Lake Village has been an important stop for riverboatmen and travelers. Its swampy wetlands provided excellent hunting and trapping opportunities. In 1857, Lake Village became an incorporated town, built around a county government. In 1860, Jim Kelley, an enslaved black man, founded the town’s first black church. This church, now known as the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, is 148 years old and still active in the town.

The African-American community of Lake Village gained political prestige following the Civil War. In 1872, James Mason, a descendant of Elisha Worthington, became the sheriff of Chicot County and a state senator. Mason died in 1874, but his legacy still lingers today. In fact, the town’s African-American community was elected to most elected offices in the years following the Civil War.

Lake Village is also home to several attractions and events. In June, the city holds the Lake Chicot Water Festival, which features live music, arts and crafts, and the U.S. Title Series hydroplane boat races. Lake Village also celebrates the First Night Flight, a historic flight by Charles Lindbergh that took place in April 1923. The town is also home to Sunnyside Plantation, a former plantation that was home to many Italian immigrants in the late 1880s. The descendants of these immigrants still live in Lake Village.

In 1898, Lake Village became an incorporated town. The area’s history dates back to the Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto’s arrival in 1541. In 1542, the Spanish explorer met an Indian tribe that was welcoming and friendly. In 1542, Hernando de Soto died at the Indian village near Lake Village.

Sassafras Springs is a vineyard

Sassafras Springs Vineyard & Winery is one of Northwest Arkansas’ premiere wineries. The winery produces exceptional wine right on the property and also serves wines from all over the world. Its beautiful, oversized decks are the perfect setting for social events and weddings. The vineyard can also accommodate corporate events and birthday parties.

Sassafras Springs Vineyard & Winery has a beautiful setting for a wedding, and is the perfect location for an unforgettable day of wine tasting. Located in Northwest Arkansas, the vineyard is a popular wedding venue. Located next to a horse farm that used to be owned by former Razorback football coach Houston Nutt, Sassafras Springs has been recognized as the number one venue in the state for three years in a row.

Sassafras Springs has won many awards, including NWA Best Wedding Venue four years in a row by various publications. It has also received the Best ARkansas Wedding award from the Knot.

El Dorado is a boomtown for the oil industry

This town is tucked into the northeast corner of Arkansas. It is four and a half hours from Dallas, four hours northwest of Jackson, and two hours south of Little Rock. It’s about an hour south of the infamous speed trap town of Fordyce, where Keith Richards was once arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. El Dorado is far from a typical small town. It’s a mix of old and new.

In the 1920s, El Dorado was the heart of the oil boom in southern Arkansas. A well called the Busey No. 1 was drilled in El Dorado on Jan. 10, 1921. It changed the history of the town forever.

The town’s fortunes were fueled by the oil industry, which brought new jobs and a booming economy to the town. Before the oil boom, El Dorado relied on lumber and agriculture. But, a new well opened near town in 1921 and sparked a boom in the town. By 1923, the town had 22 oil production and distribution companies. As a result of the oil boom, El Dorado’s population grew quickly. During this period, the city’s downtown was home to many historic buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, El Dorado is a small town with a rich history of the oil industry. During the oil boom, the population increased from four thousand to more than 20,000. With the oil boom, Murphy Oil and Murphy USA invested $100 million in a downtown revival, which could bring prosperity to the town.

El Dorado is a bustling oil town located in Union County. It is the headquarters of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission and a few other oil refineries. The downtown area has undergone a historic renovation and is home to the famous red telephone booth. In addition, it is home to the Pottery House, a gallery, and the South Arkansas Arboretum.

Virgil Fiori served with the U.S. Army in Italy

Virgil Fiori was born in 1922. His parents were P and Mary. In 1940, he was 18 years old and living in Elm Springs Township, Arkansas. During World War II, Fiori joined the U.S. Army and served in Italy. During his service, he was killed in action in Italy, where he lost his life.