Le Bistro Parisien – Gastronomy at Its Best

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Le Bistro Parisien – Gastronomy at Its Best

The Fleur De Sel Hotel is located in the heart of Paris, in the fashionable Marais district. This historic hotel has been rated as one of the best luxury hotels in the world. It has been offering its guests with the world famous Fleur De Sel for many years. This fabulous champagne has been created by the award winning stylist, Jean Paul Gautier. His unique style has made the de Sel a hot favourite with celebrities and fashionistas all over the world.

The beautiful hotel offers its guests a number of exciting packages that will help to make your stay in this beautiful city unforgettable. In the modern days, France is known for having a rich variety of cuisines. However, if you are looking for something more traditional, you may want to try one of the restaurants that offer a classic French taste. There are many options, such as Boeuf bourguignon or Carbonne. With so many delicious food options, you can choose the one that suits your taste.

You can get to know a lot more about some of these amazing restaurants while staying in the hotel. The dining room is a perfect place to enjoy a romantic meal or just to have a quiet night. One of the popular choices at the Fleur De Semois is the fleur de sel, which is named after the famous singer. This popular champagne is created by the famous stylist, Jean Paul Gautier. His unique style has made the de Sel a hot favourite with celebrities and fashionistas all over the world.

In this famous restaurant, you will also get to experience a traditional French meal. Your dining experience in the hotel will not be complete without sampling the delectable local dishes such as the escargot with duck liver, the duck Confit, the beef stroganoff with mushroom stuffing and the delicious baked potato. These meals usually use local ingredients, fresh from the area. Some of them are even created by local chefs. The main meals served in this restaurant include the classic dishes like the fleur de sel amazon as well as the famous collection of cecil peinture pe finion Matine.

In order to satisfy your appetite, there are many restaurants that serve delicious snacks and pastries. One of them is La Trattoria de Fleury where you can try an assortment of pastries, and sweets. This hotel caters particularly to children, who can enjoy some of the tasty treats available. If you have a sweet tooth, you will love the delectable fleur de sel Champagne Godme dessert. It has a smooth taste with a hint of sweetness and is topped with raspberry sauce.

You can satisfy your appetite at the Bistro Parisien, which serves some of the best French dishes in Paris. Among the popular dishes here are the white fleur de lis soup and the salmon with pearl sprig salad with pearl sprig dressing. The salmon with pearl sprig salad is served with a glass of Meunier white wine. You can also try the chocolate fondue which is made using some of the finest chocolate truffles. At the reception desk you can find a pastry case with a selection of some of the best French pastry and confectionery items.

For some exotic and unique dining experiences, head over to La Trattoria de Paris where you will enjoy some mouth-watering traditional French fare like the chanterelle mushroom soup and the rabbit bake. You can even try some of the international gastronomic delights like the caviar con legevient, the duck liver with mushroom stuffing and the rabbit stew with vegetable cream. For dessert, the guests at the hotel can enjoy the delectable almond cobbler and the strawberry fondue. La Trattoria de Paris also features a craft workshop where the cooks and chefs teach the guests how to make some of the traditional French delicacies on their own.

If you want to eat to your heart’s content, you can head over to the Bistro Parisien for some authentic French fare. The French people are renowned for their love for food and this can be seen in the choice of foods on offer at this restaurant. There is a variety of dishes that you can choose from like the steak and herb salad with pickled herbs, the steak and cheese platter with seasonal vegetables and the fish and chips. The cuisine served here is made from locally grown food and the chefs serve a diet that is healthy balanced. The place has two restaurants namely, a take away which is open round the clock and a sit down eatery that offers you a selection of local delicacies. The Bistro Parisien also features an award winning wine cellar and you can expect great tasting wines here.