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When you are in the market to purchase a CCTV kit, it can be inundating because there are a multitude of options and features available. Choosing a camera may be the most time-consuming and difficult task, but with some basic knowledge, you can decide which features are important and what to avoid for your particular purpose.

Choosing a camera style should be one of the first steps. You can also browse to know more about CCTV camera system.

There are 3 main camera types to choose from: dome, box, or bullet.

Dome security camera

As the title suggests, the dome camera has a rounded look. Camera direction can be hidden because dome cameras often have colored bodies.

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Dome cameras usually have a wide viewing angle. Parking lots, front aisles, and verandas are examples of wide open spaces where a domed field of view is ideal. However, the video details will be of lower quality when the viewing angle is wider.

CCTV camera with box and bullets

Unlike dome cameras, chamber and bullet cameras have a more square or cylindrical shape. The shape between these two versions doesn't affect performance, but it's really a matter of aesthetics.

The main advantage of box and bullet cameras is the narrow viewing angle. An example is the need to monitor an area as the entrance to the main entrance. Narrow landscapes can be ideal for cameras with boxes or bullets. A narrow field of view results in more detail and sharper video quality.