Fun Things to Do in Bradford, PA

The Brandon Township Parks & Recreation Department offers a variety of fun activities for families to enjoy. These programs include movie night and family activities. Each summer, the Brandon Township Parks & Recreation Department hosts Movie Night in the Park. This event is free and begins at 7 p.m.


Bradford, PA is a small town situated on the Allegheny National Forest, which means there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. This area also has many interesting museums and historical points of interest, including the Penn-Brad Oil Museum, which highlights the city’s rich oil history. Another unique museum is the Zippo / Case Museum & Flagship Store, which is free to enter.

The area is home to the French Azilum, which was a planned settlement built by French refugees fleeing the French Revolution. This 4.5-acre property features a historic English Threshing Barn, a Federal-style house, a chicken coop, and a wood shed. Bradford County is also home to the Tioga Point Museum, which preserves the area’s history and gives residents a chance to step into the past. The Sayre Historical Society has also been established to protect artifacts and documents from the area’s history.

Grants awarded to Brandon Township Parks & Recreation Department

Brandon Township Parks & Recreation Department recently received a Brooksie Way Minigrant of $2,000 from the Brooksie Way Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on physical activity. The money will go towards a new Life Trail Advanced Wellness System in the community park. Brooksie Way, which holds an annual half-marathon in the township, is a local nonprofit organization that promotes healthy living and promotes fitness. The minigrants are designed to encourage physical activity and were named after the late Brooks Stuart Patterson.

The project is scheduled to take place during the 2018-2019 fiscal year. The proposed application would ask the DNR to approve a grant of $120,400 and the township would match that grant with another $20,600 from its park fund. This would provide the township with a total of $241,600 to build the playground. The township is now working on a matching grant application for the rest of the funds needed for this project, which is expected to be approved by March 23.

The Brandon Township Parks & Recreation Department is responsible for organizing and providing recreational opportunities for residents. A major focus of the department is the ongoing development of the township’s Community Park. In 2000, the township’s Board of Trustees acquired 47 acres of farmland from the Vantine family, which made it possible to develop the township’s first public recreation park.

During the employee hearing for the current park & recreation department, Waybrant Township residents and a former fire chief spoke out in support of Waybrant. They said that the current board is the most dysfunctional in 20 years. They also argued that criticism of Waybrant is retribution for the elimination of two full-time staff positions in the recreation department. The recreation department, they said, was the hardest hit by budget cuts. A full-time administrative assistant and a full-time programmer position were eliminated from the recreation department.

Movie night

If you want to see a movie but aren’t sure where to go, try the parks in Bradford Township. Bucket Boyle Park, located at 17 Pump Place, will show “Cars 3” on Aug. 24. Percy Ruhe Park, located at 1519 Oxford Drive, will show “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” on Sept. 1. All movies will be shown for free and are open to the public.