Best Places to Visit in Butner NC

If you’re looking for a town to visit in North Carolina, you’ve come to the right place. Butner, NC is a historic town that was once run by the state from 1947 to 2007. Located in Granville County, the town was once a part of Granville County.

Franklin County

Franklin County is located in the state of Ohio. It is the largest county in the state with a population of 1,323,807 people. Its largest city is Columbus, which is also the county seat. It offers a wide variety of things to do and see. The county’s natural beauty is breathtaking and its people are very friendly and welcoming.

There are several wonderful places to visit in Franklin County. You can visit the French King Bridge and explore historic sites like Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge. If you’re a fan of architecture, the Bardwell’s Ferry Bridge is a great place to visit. You can also enjoy a relaxing trip to Turner Falls.

Franklin County is also home to several farmers’ markets. The North Square Farmer’s Market, held in the downtown area of Chambersburg, runs from May to mid-October and features locally-grown produce and cheeses. Another place to find local produce is the Maplewood Produce and Greenhouse. These stores also sell bulk food and provide special recipes for their customers.

The Mistletoe Farm offers a fun and informative experience for all ages. At the farm, you can visit the farm animals and even tour the alpaca fur studio. This place is a great place to take a family with an affinity for animals. The Mistletoe Farm is also nearby the historic Lotz House Museum and Carter House, which served as a shelter during the Battle of Franklin.

Franklin County is also home to two restored lighthouses. Cape St. George Lighthouse is located in the center of St. George Island and the Crooked River Lighthouse is located near Carrabelle Beach. Both lighthouses reflect the county’s maritime history. You can also climb these lighthouses on special evenings, such as full moon nights.

NC Zoo

When you visit the Butner, NC Zoo, you’ll have a chance to see animals in their natural habitats. The animals at this zoo range from small antelopes to giant pandas and polar bears. You can also see vampire bats and river otters, as well as red wolves and black bears. For an added treat, the zoo also has a viewing area where you can watch a geyser “erupt” every five minutes during the warmer months.

This zoo is large, and you’ll need to plan your visit accordingly. If you’re going with younger children, consider renting a double stroller. Older children will need to pace themselves and take their time in order to see all of the different animals. You can also rent strollers or wheelchairs if necessary.

The zoo also has a fantastic exhibit featuring social chimpanzees. This exhibit is the most immersive area of the zoo. It features a 20-foot-wide window that follows the contour of the ground. This allows visitors to enjoy the animals from any angle. Chimpanzees are different from gorillas, as they are less timid and more active. In addition, they’re more like humans, so they engage more readily with visitors.

The NC Zoo is home to more than 1,800 animals, from more than 200 species. Visitors will find a variety of primates and other animals that are native to the region. You can also find a variety of exotic birds and other animals at the zoo.


If you are in the mood for some shopping, there are several great places to go in Asheboro. You will find everything from vintage items to antiques. The flea market in Asheboro is a popular spot for people looking to buy second-hand items. This place has a huge selection of vintage collections, which you can purchase for a reasonable price. You can also visit the Randolph Memorial Park, which was established in 1948. The park has several trails that are perfect for a picnic or a leisurely stroll.

Another great place to visit in Asheboro is the North Carolina Aviation Museum. This museum gives an interesting look at the history of flight. It has several exhibits that tell stories about the early days of flight. There is even a Boeing 727 that you can get into and pretend to be a pilot!

Asheboro is also home to a large zoo, which is the world’s largest natural habitat zoo. It is home to more than 1,800 animals and you can even feed them while under expert guidance. The zoo has several family-friendly events throughout the year.

Asheboro is a wonderful place to take your family. It has a number of historic sites and attractions, and is the county seat of Randolph County. Originally, it was a small town with only one attraction, the courthouse on Main Street. The town has since grown and is now one of the largest cities in the state.


There are a lot of places to stay in Roxboro. You can find a variety of affordable hotels that offer the basic amenities and comfort you need. Many of them offer free breakfast and have other perks such as a fitness center. You can also find a bed and breakfast in Roxboro if you prefer a more home-like stay.

The city of Roxboro is home to the Person County Museum of History. This museum is housed in several old buildings and has a large collection of local history. The museum also features some interesting historical figures from the county, including Enos Slaughter. His life and career are commemorated in the museum’s dedicated room. You can find baseball cards from his time here, as well as signed memorabilia.

The best places to live in Butner, NC are ranked by the AreaVibes Livability Score. The AreaVibes Livability Score is based on various categories, including cost of living, crime rates, education, housing, and amenities. Depending on your personal preferences, you can also customize your search results by setting a budget for home and rent, and even choose how many bedrooms you want.

Roxboro is located north of Durham in Person County. It was named after the Roxburgh town in Scotland, and is home to approximately nine thousand residents. The city is rich in entertainment and history, and is home to many different arts and entertainment venues, including the Kirby Cultural Arts Complex and Roxboro Little Theater. It also has several unique restaurants and a few hotels.