A Fleur De Semly De Luxe Hair Care Product

Fleur de Sels are an interesting salt with interesting history. First mentioned in the Thirteenth Century, the name fleur de sel referred to both the city of Orleans and the salt itself. The term is sometimes used interchangeably with its modern day counterpart called fleur de noir. Fleur de sel was actually known by two other names in medieval times, port (flesse) and serge (rose de noir).

fleur de sel

Fleur de sels are characterized by their salty taste, though of course this is not a positive attribute. They can be consumed with a wide variety of foods, although the taste most associated with this type of salt tends to be on the salty side. This is not to say they are not delicious! They do have an earthy flavor, reminiscent of the texture of coarse sand or the crunch of dry ground beef. But the saltiness of fleur de sel does not make them unpleasant. Indeed, they have a soft, delicate flavor which some people find to be even more enjoyable than the floral overtones of fleur de sel.

When fleur de sel gets saltier, as it often does when placed in water for prolonged periods of time, it starts to turn gray and turn black. Like many sea salts, fleur de sel undergoes constant dehydration which causes its color to change. In nature, sea salt is constantly exposed to air and thus undergoes very little change in terms of color or quality. In this sense, the dried flower of salt is considered to be very similar to rock salt. In reality, fleur de sel has been used for thousands of years as a medicinal remedy for treating a range of conditions.

The fleur de sel from France comes in many different forms, each quite varying in size. While a large pinch will contain just 0.628 pounds of the mineral, a larger pinch will weigh a full pound and have twice that amount. A larger pinch is going to have a greater value for your money, as they will need to get used to the body weight of a person before they too, start to add on to their daily intake. Pinches of fleur de sel from France tend to come in larger packages and are generally sold in bulk quantities.

Many online retailers offer a one year warranty on their products, although many fleur de lis salts do not offer a standard warranty. However, many high quality retailers do offer a one year warranty on all of their products. You can check to see if a fleur de sel from France company offers an all inclusive guarantee by looking up their website. Many retailers also provide free shipping and handling for their customers who order large packages of fleur de sel.

Fleur de sels are made from natural sea salts which are harvested right from the cliffs which hold the rocks that make up the beaches of France. These hand harvested stones are harvested on a seasonal basis, hence the saltiness of the fleur de sel product is not changed throughout the year. When you buy fleur de sel from France, you know that the salt will not change during storage or application. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a new hair care product and discovering that it does not work as well as the one you just spent the money on!